Chimuanya Osuoha focuses her practice on corporate and business law matters. She has experience helping companies file for Woman Business Enterprise Certificates, and drafting employment agreements, asset purchase agreements, lease agreements, and corporate organizational documents for various entities. 

Of particular interest to Chimuanya is assisting in the formation of funding portals under Rule 506(c) (Title II Crowdfunding) and Section 4(a)(6) of the Securities Act (Title III Crowdfunding or Regulation CF). This work involves preparation of Standardized Crowdfunding documents and agreements and guiding companies and individuals through the application process to become a registered funding portal with FINRA.

Early in her career, Chimuanya launched a small business that showcased Nigerian apparel, which enabled her to develop an understanding about what it takes to start and successfully run a small business. Additionally, her work with Eaton Corporation through William and Mary’s MBA internship program allowed Chimuanya to gain extensive experience in the human resources arena, particularly in the area of diversity initiatives. 

Born in Nigeria to a large, extended family, Chimuanya celebrates her heritage through Umu Igbo Unite, an organization that promotes cultural preservation and professional development among Igbos in the diaspora.

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