Commercial Litigation

If you find yourself in a business dispute, before or after litigation has begun, our team of litigation attorneys will guide you through the process and help achieve the best possible result.

Our litigation practice handles complex commercial claims involving federal and state law across the United States, in trial and appellate courts and in arbitration. We have appeared in over 20 jurisdictions, often chosen by our largest national clients to handle the most implacable disputes wherever in the country they arise. Before and throughout litigation we craft creative business solutions, and then use litigation to maintain the high ground for the leverage to achieve those results. 

At every step we agree on a strategic plan with our client, including the value we hope to achieve from every significant tactic and the likely cost of the approach.  When we engage in discovery or file a motion, it is for a purpose that makes business sense. We never practice by rote or without client buy-in and apply our efforts where they will affect the outcome.  We recognize that litigation is a tool, not an end in itself, for resolving business disputes.

We begin by understanding our client’s business goals, work closely with in-house counsel or our clients’ business leaders, devise creative solutions and strategy for achieving them, and realistically project outcomes and costs.  And we are proud of our history of winning judgments when a favorable settlement is not possible.

We represent clients in every kind of business dispute, including:

  • Claims Arising from Business Acquisitions and Sales
  • Disputes with Vendors or Customers, Including Disputes with Software Providers, Brokers, Wholesalers, and Retailers
  • Disputes among Partners or Shareholders, Including Claims of Minority Oppression
  • State and Federal Securities Fraud and RICO Allegations
  • Breaches of Contract and Related Claims, including Unjust Enrichment and Fraud
  • Enforcing and Challenging Restrictive Covenants
  • Disputes Involving Misappropriation of Confidential Information or Trade Secrets
  • Enforcing Indemnity Obligations
  • Disputes Arising from Real Estate Transactions
  • Employment-Related Disputes
  • Disputes between Telecommunication Carrier Clients, Including Those Involving Inter-Carrier Compensation and
  • Claims of Infringement of Intellectual Property