Family Offices

At Lex Nova, we understand what it means to build generational wealth and to use it to advance both public and private ends. Our award-winning attorneys have been recognized by such outlets as Best Lawyers in America, Martindale-Hubbell, SmartCEO Magazine, Worth Magazine, and SuperLawyers for our demonstrated track record of helping families plan for, build, and manage success over generations. We can and do help to:

  • Developing asset-protection and wealth management strategies that simultaneously protect our client’s wealth while minimizing tax liability and other administration costs;
  • Make investments in a variety of private companies and projects, including advising on various deal structures, investments, and terms while ensuring their rights are properly protected from down-side risk;
  • Manage charitable contributions to ensure maximum impact and minimizing tax liabilities, including establishing various charitable enterprises such as private foundations, nonprofit corporations, and other related activities; and
  • Implement wealth transfer strategies that minimize tax liabilities and ensure that a family’s wealth is protected for generations to come.